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November 2021

Good bye, and thank you <3

Marounda, November 13 2021 0

Our great adventure comes to an end...

March 2021

[Update]TeamSpeak up / CSGO Servers down

Marounda, March 10 2021 0

Following major fire at OVH, our services are interrupted.

July 2019

Cooler Master 2019

Marounda, July 28 2019 0

Update of our partnership with Cooler Master

June 2019

New partnership: RedBloods

Marounda, June 09 2019 0

A new partner for our structure!

Break of ESEA keys

Marounda, June 09 2019 0

ESEA is taking a break for the moment

March 2019

Last chance for us

Marounda, March 18 2019 0

Save us!

March 2018

New CS:GO Team sponsored by Feed.

Marounda, March 29 2018 0

We are proud to tell you about our new team on CS:GO, sponsored by Feed.

New partner - Kaliento by BEQUIPE

Marounda, March 19 2018 0

Come and discover our new collaborator so your hands won’t be cold ever again !

October 2017

ESEA Free Premium Codes

Marounda, October 25 2017 4

We will give you some FREE Premium Codes to discover ESEA

Feed., our new sponsor!

Marounda, October 01 2017 0

We are proud to introduce Feed., our new sponsor.

July 2017

New partner and new stuff

Marounda, July 08 2017 0

Discover our new partner and new stuff

Our first sponsor

Marounda, July 07 2017 0

We are proud to obtain Coolermaster as a sponsor.

May 2017

Take part of the TOP 5 each month!

Marounda, May 09 2017 0

Take part of the TOP 5 each month and get rewarded!

April 2017

ONE TAP Server: A new Training MOD!

Marounda, April 03 2017 0

MER IL ET FOU One tap: the new deathmatch server dedicated to AIM training

March 2017

Offline result : 3rd for our CS:GO Roster !

LeO, March 10 2017 0

Our male roster went to Rouen eSport LAN on 12 and 13 november. On that occasion, lacking a player they hired 10 days before 'slyce' as the 5th. The situation was quite delicate because they had to be prepared and ready for the tournament in such a short time

December 2016

Two new partners

Marounda, December 07 2016 0

TeamSpeak and Kryate, our new partners

November 2016

Paris Games Week 2016

Marounda, November 03 2016 0

We went to the Paris Games Week 2016, here's a report this weekend full of emotions ...

March 2016

ESEA Free Premium Codes

Marounda, March 31 2016 5

We will give you some FREE Premium Codes to discover ESEA - Updated at : 09/06/2016 - 01:55 PM

February 2016

Asiimov Giveaway

Marounda, February 16 2016 21

To celebrate the opening of our 10th MER IL ET FOU’s server, we offer you a nice giveaway.

January 2016

Partnership Kinguin

Marounda, January 24 2016 14

We are proud to announce you our new partnership between Kinguin and MER IL ET FOU.

November 2015

The private slots arrived !

Marounda, September 05 2015 0

We have heard you and now we can respond to your demands by setting up a private slots reservation system on MER IL ET FOU’s servers!

August 2015

MER IL ET FOU Interview

Marounda, August 04 2015 0

Millenium granted us an interview to present MER IL ET FOU.

New Website

Marounda, May 23 2015 0

Our new website comes in Beta with a lot of new features, read this news quickly.

MER IL ET FOU Organization

Marounda, May 23 2015 0

It's done, MER IL ET FOU is now a non-profit organization under the French law of 1901.

Knife plugin removing

Marounda, July 08 2015 0

Following the Valve’s request, we are forced to remove the “knife plugin”.

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