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About us

Created in 2013, the MER IL ET FOU community gathers twenty players looking to share moments playing the game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive a relatively private and restricted circle.

At the end of 2014, the community reached a wider audience and we have brought different training servers for the game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

A statistical panel for a concrete analysis of individual play, associated with optimized servers to ensure efficient progress for any player, here is the recipe offered by our team.

Now MER IL ET FOU is a non-profit law of 1901 association. Our site provides customization and a full display of individual performance, allowing us to provide more than just game servers.

Our servers are now considered as standard in the deathmatch mode of the game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in France, but also popular in neighboring European countries.

To contact us, come to our Teamspeak

For any technical requests, you can write us at the following e-mail address:

For all others requests:


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Servers (128 Tick)

#1 - Deathmatch Only D2

de_dust2 - 0/16 - Join

#2 - Deathmatch Official Map Pool

de_mirage - 0/16 - Join

#3 - Deathmatch Only Pistol D2/Inf

de_dust2 - 0/16 - Join

#4 - AIM Deathmatch

aim_map2_go - 0/10 - Join

#5 - Retake MultiMap

de_vertigo - 0/9 - Join

#6 - Retake MultiMap

de_overpass - 0/9 - Join

#7 - Retake MultiMap

de_inferno - 0/9 - Join

#8 - Retake MultiMap

de_vertigo - 0/9 - Join