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Suggestion for k1o's DM Server

DarX, April 14 2017 05:05 PM , last modificationApril 14 2017 05:29 PM
Hello guys,

since I am using MERILETFOU's k1o server for a long time now and I really enjoy to play there, I wanted to leave some nice words here, but also a very important suggestion most players would like.

Comparing to other DM server the k1o server is really stable with a high performance and additionally provides a lot of good players playing on it, making aim practice pretty effective. Therefore it has always been my first choice to practice there.

But now to my suggestion: A lot of times you can see more than the half people using the AWP while camping, making aim practice terrible for riflers. The k1o server does not have any restriction regarding AWPs and I would really like to see a solution for that one to improve the server.

To reach that improvement there is a way with two benefits:

a) Make AWPs only accessable for VIPs

With this change MERILETFOU could get some new VIPs making it easier to maintain servers.

Or the easier way:

b) Restrict AWPs to like 3 AWPs at the same time

So far thanks for reading my suggestion/feedback and I hope you will implement that so more people can enjoy your servers. :)

Best regards,
EnvoxX, April 14 2017 05:44 PM , last modificationApril 14 2017 07:13 PM
Hello DarX,

Thank you for you feedback, it's very important and a big motivation for us to keep going MER IL ET FOU's servers.

You are the first to tell us that, but i think it could be a good idea.

We will talk about that during a staff meeting, and make some change after that.

See you soon :)
varuhon, April 15 2017 03:57 PM
like, I agree

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