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Rules of the MER IL ET FOU's English Forum

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Marounda, April 03 2016 10:10 PM , last modificationMay 18 2017 05:11 AM
Rules and recommendations
In the interest of every forum’s members, we are asking you to show some common sens, to be respectful and courteous. The following rules are non exhaustive and may evolve. Check them on a regular basis. To get more details about internet exchanges, visit the “netiquette” wiki:

Gold rules!
While writing messages :
• Be sure to say hello / please / thank you, the politness is always pleasant
• Do not use upper case or abbreviations and text messages language
• Take care about the layout of your post
• Don’t be redundant by posting duplicates
• The forum isn’t an IRC chat, answers are not instant, patience is required

Every users must register in order to leave messages on the forum.
The admin has the right to refuse a pseudo if he is biased, deceitful, already used, against the bylaws (established here or in the netiquette) or the common interests.

Writing and messages contents
Titles and messages’s descriptions have to be explicit. Don’t abuse of exclamative formulation as “Help me!”.
Contributions disrespectul of the law or inapropriate (racism, pornography, privacy invasion, bad language, links to pornographic websites (or photos)) will be suppressed.
Sensitive topics (politics, religion) can be subject to suppression to avoid possible conflict.
Your avatars must be discreet.
Messages which promotes professionnal or personnal business are forbidden.

Moods, politness and good manners
Certain members know much about computer science or forums / chat than others. Don’t make fun in a nasty way. Do not humilate and don’t do critics if it is not helpful.
If one or more members appear to be clumsy, you should correct them nicely. Similarly, don’t be sensible.
Written messages, even with the help of smiley, can take a stronger meaning than wanted.

Forum moderation
The admin and moderators are not responsible of messages contents posted by the users of the forum. Users’s subjects are daily controlled but not entirely (retrospective moderation).
Moderators are allowed to suppress any messages that go against community interests.
Ce sujet est verrouillé

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