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Banned from DM servers..

aceyyyy, January 11 2018 02:33 PM
So basically I rage in chat from time to time, saying like "[NAME HERE] camper" or "81 in 3?!?!" etc.

I got gagged for this a couple of days ago, which I was actually very happy about as it allowed me to focus more. (The gag was from Kace).

A couple of days later, I see Kace in the server again so I ask him where the official rules are that allows him to gag me for just typing "camper" "71 in 3" etc. in chat. He replies "I have you blocked on steam and i think it is for this exact reason, I suggest you stop typing" (something along those lines).

So, I reply "Why should I stop typing? Where is the official rules that say I can't type?", at this point I was close to finishing my DM session - I reached the amount of kills I needed and typed in chat "cya" and disconnected.

I come back today to find this message in console everytime I try to connect: "Disconnect: Kicked by Console : "You are ban from MER IL ET FOU servers"."

Please explain to me what I have done wrong to deserve a ban (which appears to be permanently, and considering how long I've played your servers I don't see this as a reasonable consequence for asking Kace for an official set of rules that says I cannot type? I have typed a lot over the years of playing this server, and only now that Kace has an issue with it, I get banned?
AveMaria, January 11 2018 03:17 PM
You are unban.
Kace, January 11 2018 06:42 PM
If you want to talk about this situation, i invite you there :
Now you are unbaned but if you need information about my reason, come.

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