NBK Server not switching to mirage/ stuck on dust2

darkz, August 28 2019 07:50 PM
As the title says the NBK isn't switching to mirage and is stuck on dust2 for several days. I think this is happening when a Server-Admin, for example NBK, switches to dust2 because he doesn't want to play mirage rightnow. But the server then doesn't switch to mirage when dust2 ends after 30 minutes and is stuck on dust2 until another admin manually changes the map to mirage (or fully restarts the server I think).

Please fix this. Im tired of using !calladmin on the server for 4 days in a row and no one ever responds.
Marounda, August 28 2019 09:02 PM
Hi, sorry for this, i've restarted the processus.
darkz, September 01 2019 10:37 PM
bugged again
Marounda, September 02 2019 11:26 AM
It's strange, sorry :/ I forced the map and i'll try to see if NBK did something.
darkz, September 08 2019 01:02 AM
again stuck x(
Marounda, September 08 2019 02:36 PM
thanks for reporting, trying to resolve :x

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