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New Website

Marounda, May 23 2015 03:51 PM , last modificationAugust 01 2015 11:52 PM

It was high time to make a new website and here we are!

It brings a lot of new things:

  • Creation of your profile with some of your servers stats from your Steam page (secure connection with Steam API);
  • A profile with informations you can modify;
  • A ranking system with your Steam friendlist;
  • A partnership system;
  • A contact form to communicate with us easily;
  • A rapid presentation of our staff and CSGO line up;
  • A page regrouping our past and incoming matches for our CSGO line up.


And not only that, we also provide you a public Teamspeak:

  • To reunite a lot of people who need a vocal system to play;
  • To allow people to find mates to play with in matchmaking or pickup;
  • To get a little icon with your MM rank and to compare it with other users;
  • To get some rest with our awesome musical BOTS (french radio and music).

If you want to join the Teamspeak, you just have to click on the button at the right of the page.

Don’t wait anymore and create an account on our website to enjoy all the advantages associated with it!

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#7 - Retake MultiMap

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#8 - Retake MultiMap

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