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Two new partners

Marounda, December 07 2016 01:53 AM , last modificationDecember 07 2016 01:57 AM

It is with a little delay, but without less pride that I announce the arrival of our new partners.

TeamSpeak which now allows us to increase the welcome on our server TS, and Kryate who made us our new jerseys, quality, service and speed of production did not make us hesitate for a moment.


Here is a short presentation of these two partners:

TeamSpeak's reputation is now anchored in the middle of gaming, if we were to introduce, it is a voice chat software that lets you stay in touch with your gaming friends and teammates.

We offer access to our TeamSpeak server 3, having a capacity of 512 simultaneous players, which is not negligible. You'll find a way to meet many players; ranked by game and by rank (CS:GO) is offered to help you get in front of the players on your level.

We share different information on it, such as monthly Giveaways we organise, do not hesitate for a moment and come and talk to us:

Kryate specialises in manufacturing customised sublimation Textiles allowing a limitless creation for small and medium series in a short time.

They design swimsuits and specific set of equipment for each sport, to maximise performance and comfort. Their designer is available to offer you personalised jerseys, made to order, the colours of your club with the integration of all logos and markings.

Men - Women & Children. Kryate also offers its know-how and creativity to offer you silkscreen marking clothing, embroidery or flex.

I let you observe the rendering of our jerseys at the PGW:

 Electys, Sora, Almighty Rachel, EnvoxX (top), @MeynetL (bottom), Marounda, BanG

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