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We are the Redbloods, an eSport team since 2011. We are a non-profit association under the law of 1901 whose goal is to popularize the eSport all around the world and more precisely in Europe and in France. Founded by Kaï MAGNIER also known under the name of Migdelta, his dream is to unite people from different geographical backgrounds who have one common passion : the videogames.

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Servers (128 Tick)

#1 - Deathmatch Only D2

de_dust2 - 15/16 - Join

#2 - Deathmatch Official Map Pool

de_mirage - 12/16 - Join

#3 - Deathmatch Only Pistol D2/Inf

de_dust2 - 11/16 - Join

#4 - AIM Deathmatch

aim_map - 0/10 - Join

#5 - Retake MultiMap

de_cache - 0/9 - Join

#6 - Retake MultiMap

de_cache - 0/9 - Join

#7 - Retake MultiMap

de_vertigo - 9/9 - Join

#8 - Retake MultiMap

de_cache - 0/9 - Join