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ESEA is a competitive platform which allows you to play Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in the best conditions.
Join opponents everywhere to play quality games on powerful servers, with one of the best current anti-cheat.
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Kinguin is a service that connects buyers and sellers of video games. You will find competitive prices and regular promotions and competitions that you should not miss!

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Feed.products are healthy and nutritional meals suited to active, on the go people. They require no preparation, cooking or even warming up.

Each smart food Feed.replaces a full meal by giving you all the nutritional needs required for you to feel good in both your body and mind (proteins, lipids, carbohydrates, fibre, vitamins, minerals, oligo elements, omega 3...).

They use high-quality natural ingredients such as oatmeal, rice, sarrazin seeds, flax seeds, agave syrup, chickpeas, rapeseed oil, acacia fibers, cocoa powder ...

Although consuming three of our smart food products will provide you with all of your daily nutritional needs, Feed.’s goal is not to be a substitute to traditional meals, but rather to provide an ideal and occasional alternative for people who do not have the time, the possibility, or even the desire to prepare their meals.

Feed. is the culmination of a year’s worth of research conducted jointly by doctors, nutritionists and the pharmaceutical manufacturer. The recipe, which fully respects European standards, has been designed to maintain a permanent respect of EFSA and DGCCRF (European Food Safety Authority / fraud prevention).

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YouPass, an online service that converts phone credit into money YouPass, gift cards for Xbox, Playstation, Steam, G2A, Amazon... But also activation key for OS, the Mint cards, Kobo. Everything needed for a good time!

Convert within minutes his package, buy millions of digital products by paying with your phone. Instant delivery! Join thousands of YouPasseurs and fund your e-wallet through your mobile plan with a few clicks!

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TeamSpeak's reputation is now anchored in the middle of gaming, if we were to introduce, it is a voice chat software that lets you stay in touch with your gaming friends and teammates.

We offer access to our TeamSpeak server 3, having a capacity of 512 simultaneous players, which is not negligible. You'll find a way to meet many players; ranked by game and by rank (CS:GO) is offered to help you get in front of the players on your level.

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Gaming Hand Warmer Kaliento by Bequipe


Who are they?

Kaliento is the range of heating products produced by the brand BEQUIPE (« bikwip »).

Offering eSports equipment, Bequipe goal is to improve the comfort and the performance of all the gamers.

Slogan « it is your performance which make the difference, not the quality of the machine! »


The product

Looking like a pebble, it is design to replace the old heaters which are not adapted to gaming !

Warming one or both sides, it can be held in one or both hands.

Select among 4 heating modes to warm 107° à 118°F (41.5° to 48°C).

The product has a powerful battery to offer 4h to 8h of heating and also allowing players to recharge any device while they are on the move.


Why does it matter?

Temperature has a direct impact on reaction time. Cold slows the nerve signals from brain to hands, this causing stiffness and clumsiness.

Keeping your hands warm while gaming will allow you to click 21% faster.

How it works?

One single button which has to be press two times to change temperature.

Where can you find it?

On, the product is available in black, blue or pink. 

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ACE eSport is a textile society specialized in the gaming. It offers a wide range of products that can be personalized (jerseys, jackets, mousepads, etc.). Their objective: equip the esport teams with quality products and the most beautiful designs, at the best price.

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