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Marounda, 03 avril 2017 19:12 , dernière modification 03 avril 2017 19:25
You always dreamed to have the best AIM, such as ScreaM « The Headshot Machine »? Today it is now possible with our new online server!

We know many of you are working hard on the workshop maps to train your moves and your aim in order to headshot quickly. However, we also know the limitation to play against bots. It is now over… Do you want to play not against bots but against the best players? Do you like the MER IL ET FOU server quality? Imagine now combination of both.

Right now, we propose you a new type of server named “One tap”. Its principle is easy. Relying on a deathmatch headshot server (free for all where headshot only can kill the opponents), this new type or server allows you to perform one tap only. The shooting mechanism is simple: you will be allow to fire only one shot at a time even if you still press your key/button. The next shot will be triggered only when you will release and press it again! To be the best you will have to hit the bull's eye with your single bullet!

As of now, if you want them to talk about your one taps, join our server:


In addition, because we are listening to the community and we want to provide you the best server quality, your feedback and suggestions are welcome. For this purpose, please us this topic.

It is now your turn!

Diapaz, 14 juin 2017 17:41 , dernière modification 16 juin 2017 17:48

vince52, 31 décembre 2019 22:13

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