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please unban

NIELS, 26 octobre 2017 17:02
I really like your servers and have been using both the DM and Retake servers alot.

3 days ago i was playing a retake server and i clutched a round. An admin was there and said "nice aimlock" and 1 min later i was kicked and banned.

I have never used hacks in my life, and i never will. I have played this game since 1.5 and i respect the competitive integrity of the game.

I really think you should take a look at your admins since they are banning people from your servers for nothing other than being better then them...

Can you please unban me ? I really think your servers are the smoothest and i really like playing on them.

My steam ID is: STEAM_0:0:21700925

Thank you.

Best regards,
AveMaria, 26 octobre 2017 18:35 , dernière modification 26 octobre 2017 18:39

You are unban. I just hope it was just a mistake :)

Have a nice day, and have fun on our servers.

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