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New partner - Kaliento by BEQUIPE

Marounda, 19 March 2018 01:27 , dernière modification 01 April 2018 13:42

We are glad to tell you about our new collaboration with BEQUIPE

BEQUIPE proposes you a product which you already might have heard about : Kaliento

Before you read carefully what it is about, I invite you to play with us on Twitter in order to win your first Kaliento.


Gaming Hand Warmer Kaliento by Bequipe


Who are they?

Kaliento is the range of heating products produced by the brand BEQUIPE (« bikwip »).

Offering eSports equipment, Bequipe goal is to improve the comfort and the performance of all the gamers.

Slogan « it is your performance which make the difference, not the quality of the machine! »


The product

Looking like a pebble, it is design to replace the old heaters which are not adapted to gaming !

Warming one or both sides, it can be held in one or both hands.

Select among 4 heating modes to warm 107° à 118°F (41.5° to 48°C).

The product has a powerful battery to offer 4h to 8h of heating and also allowing players to recharge any device while they are on the move.


Why does it matter?

Temperature has a direct impact on reaction time. Cold slows the nerve signals from brain to hands, this causing stiffness and clumsiness.

Keeping your hands warm while gaming will allow you to click 21% faster.

How it works? 

One single button which has to be press two times to change temperature.

Where can you find it?

On, the product is available in black, blue or pink. 

Be entitled to 5% discount using the meriletfou promotionnal code

(If you become a VIP on our servers, you'll can ask us a special 30% discount code !)

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